Using Express inside Electron

I'm going to be honest, this was a bait and switch title. Mainly because in my opinion you should never use Express inside Electron. There are a number of reasons for this, so in no particular order. You would be opening up a publicly accessible port on your users machine. Any program on that machine or any website loaded in a browser could connect to your local express instance. It won't work on some user's machines due to their firewall settings. It simply won't let you open the port. Express doesn't make much sense in the world of Electron. Why »

Google Play Music Desktop Player

So I am an avid user of Google Play Music and have a subscription to their All Access service which is absolutely great. Whatever song I want, whenever I want to listen to it, but over time I was having one major problem. I was getting fed up with searching for that one chrome tab with Google Music open or having to have the browser open just to play music. Chrome is not exactly resource efficient and having a tab consuming sometimes an entire gigabyte of RAM just to listen to my songs was unnacptable to me. Some people had »